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Mental Health Approved Homes

Sunrise Health Region is recruiting operators for the Mental Health Approved Home program. Mental Health approved home operators give residence and assistance to people living with mental health difficulties. Approved mental health homes require operators to reside in the home and provide clients with a safe, supportive environment which includes proper nutrition and medication management.

Operators of mental health approved homes are required to be licensed and have their home pass a fire and health inspection; license renewal is an annual review process. As part of the licensing process, all operators are required to be certified in First Aid and CPR, Safe Food Handling, and Professional Assault Response Training (PART).

All home operators have the ability to determine which clients reside in their home and scheduled visits are arranged in advance of a placement to provide information about the needs of the client and the expectations of the home operator. The support system in place for clients and home operators include a community mental health nurse, psychiatrist and a residential coordinator who provide guidance and assistance.

Saskatchewan Health has established a compensation scale for mental health approved home operators, which varies based on the needs of the client and the level of care determined through 28 different criteria.

Individuals who may be interested in having a licensed mental health approved home on a respite or part-time basis are also encouraged to apply. Respite facilities are often needed to provide short-term or temporary residence to clients. All respite or part-time home operators are subject to the same licensing regulations as full-time home operators.

Individuals interested in becoming a mental health approved home operator can contact:

Sunrise Health Region Mental Health and Addictions Services office

(306) 786-0558