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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 

Who We Are and What We Do

The Medical Social Worker is an integral member of the multi-disciplinary team, providing assessment and treatment services for clients of the palliative care program. Medical Social Workers work closely with Home Care, Pallaitive Care Coordinators, Physicians, hospital staff and community agencies.

Social Workers work with clients and their families in the hospital and long term care facilities. In the community, they will see clients/families and their caregivers in their own homes.

Social Workers, working with palliative clients and their families/caregivers will provide therapeutic counselling services to clients diagnosed with an incurable disease and may/may not be registered on the palliataive care program and with families experiencing complicated circumstances relating to their illness or the dying process.

For more information: Sunrise Health Region / Social Work

Community Oncology Program of Saskatchewan (COPS) Social Worker

A COPS Social Worker has received specialized training in Psychological Oncology and receives continual education through the COPS Program. The COPS Social Worker complies with Standards of Practice of CAPO (Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology).

Services provided by the COPS Social Worker include:

  • assessments and screening for high risk factors
  • provides private counselling
  • assists patient/client with application forms and writes letters of support
  • makes referrals to community services, advocates for clients with other agencies
  • will explain Advanced Health Care Directives and witness for a client
  • is in contact with social workers at the major clinics in Regina and Saskatoon
  • assists people who receive chemotherapy at other centres
  • follows up when client is in hospital when appropriate
For further information contact Tamara Krasowski at 786-0497; email:  Tamara.krasowski@saskhealthauthority.ca
Hemodialysis / Renal Social Worker

The role of the Renal Social Worker is to assist clients from time of diagnosis of ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) to death or end of treatment.

There are recognized stages of coping with ESRD and acceptance of hemodialysis, referred to as "Renal Rehabilition" ie. from shock / disbelief, fear, depression, anger, passivity, resistance to strict diet and exercise regimes, etc.. There is a high level of denial in recognizing that dialysis is in reality "life support", and a reluctance to deal with Health Care directives.

The Renal Social Worker is responsible for assessing on a continuous basis for issues of coping with living on dialysis and the impact on the client/family life. A Hemodialysis/Renal Social Worker:

  • works closely with staff of the Unit, maintaining contact with the Primary Nurse in order to problem solve
  • organizes Family Care conferences as needed
  • explains about/ reviews Advanced Health Care Directives and prepares Psychosocial Assessments when appropriate
  • responds to concerns/ referrals from client/ staff and family members and develops support programs for caregivers

For further information contact Tamara Krasowski at 786-0497; email:  Tamara.krasowski@saskhealthauthority.ca