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Board Policy

Information Policy

Strategic Direction

SD-1    Values
SD-2    Vision Statement
SD-3    Mission Statement
SD-3.1 Strategic Goals

Board-CEO Relationship

BC-1 Delegation to the Chief Executive Officer
BC-2 Chief Executive Officer Job Description
BC-3 Monitoring Executive Performance
BC-5 Board Handling of Concerns/Complaints

Executive Limitations

EL-1    General Executive Constraint
EL-2    Treatment of Staff
EL-2.1 Occupational Health and Safety
EL-2.2 Prevention of Abuse Towards Healthcare Workers
EL-3    Financial Planning
EL-4    Financial Condition
EL-5    Asset Protection
EL-5.1 Investments
EL-5.2 Capital Equipment
EL-5.3 Resident Trust Accounts
EL-5.4 Trust Funds From Previously Raised Community Monies
EL-5.5 Capital Projects
EL-6    Client Care and Safety
EL-6.1 Abuse of Clients
EL-6.2 Request for Information
EL-6.3 Smoking
EL-6.4 Access to Care
EL-7    Compensation and Benefits
EL-8    Communication and Counsel to the Boards
EL-9    Records Management
EL-10  Information Systems
EL-10.1 Communication
EL-11  Program Change
EL-12  Advanced Directives

Governance Process